A future of nonviolent, healthy relationships and communities.


To end domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking, we must come together as a community.  Our Legal Hope program creates a community of legal support for survivors by partnering with law firms and corporations.


Ariana Orford · Executive Director

As Executive Director, Ariana is responsible for strategic planning, community partnerships, and implementing the Foundation’s mission. As the founder of WAVE's Legal Hope program, Ariana oversees program development, partnerships with law firms and corporations, and training of the pro bono attorneys. After Ariana worked as a victim advocate nearly 10 years ago, she decided to dedicate her career to ending violence against women. Throughout law school, she worked in the Domestic Violence Unit of the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and continued to work as a prosecuting attorney for King County after law school. Then as a legal aid attorney, she fought to protect the privacy of victims in criminal cases and to get protection orders for survivors of domestic violence. In addition to her J.D., she earned a graduate certificate in public policy and nonprofit management.


Carlen McKee · Legal Hope Program Director

As the Legal Hope Program Director, Carlen is responsible for connecting survivors to attorneys,  case management, and ongoing support and technical assistance to the pro bono attorneys. Carlen began her human trafficking advocacy work over 10 years ago in Washington, DC, working with The Protection Project to draft and publish the Trafficking in Persons Report, an annual report issued by the U.S. Department of State to monitor and combat trafficking in persons both domestically and internationally. She then worked with the Polaris Project, providing resources and information directly to human trafficking victims.  Carlen practiced as a private attorney for several years before turning her focus back to survivor advocacy.



Karla Axell · Board President

Retired Attorney, Perkins Coie

Kaitlin Beaman

Director of Client Success, The JPI Group

Molly Betz

Account Executive, Amazon

Logan Bryant

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Lauren Goldenberg

Marketing Manager, Nordstrom

Lizzy Hong · Student Ambassador

Student, University of Washington

Mia Little

Cybersecurity Attorney, Microsoft

Maria Manza

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Erik Moe

Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft

Ashley Ott · Board Vice President

Partner, Vantage Point Financial, LLC

Toni Rende · Student Ambassador

Student, University of Washington

Alex Sprayberry · Board Secretary

Data Analyst, Nordstrom

Samantha Winter · Board Treasurer

Senior Vice President, Citi




In 2008, Sharon Anderson created Cycle the WAVE, an all-women’s cycling event that built community, spread awareness, and raised funds for programs addressing domestic violence. In 2011, Sharon Anderson and Nancy Belur founded The WAVE Foundation to build community, raise awareness, and fundraise year-round for programs addressing domestic and sexual violence. 

Nancy Belur and Sharon Anderson,

Founders of The WAVE Foundation